Dec 18, 2009

End of Term 1

So let me start with exams. Exams sucked. They were not easy to write or correct, but I'm pleased with the way my students did on them.

After exams week (Nov. 30-Dec. 4), we had Papa Panov, the Christmas musical. While a lot of work went into the production, the mics weren't working right, so the audience had a hard time hearing. But the kids did a good job and I think they had fun with it.

Monday December 7 was a fun day for the students. We watched The Tale of Despereaux because we read it in class, and then we had a Tug-o-War tournament. After that, we had relay races where the kids bobbed for oranges (a challenge as the oranges were quite large!) and did a dunk-the-class-teacher-with-cups-of-water-held-in-students'-mouths-while-trying-to-get-the-water-in-a-cup-on-said-teacher's-forehead game. It was a blast!

The next day was also ridiculously fun. The middle school (4, 5, and 6) went to Erin Ijesha waterfall. Awesome. It was amazing to scramble around under the water with the kids. Apart from the fun of it all, it was beautiful. The jungle grotto with the water pouring down the side was filled with bursts of misty sunshine and many colored butterflies. That's right. Did I mention it was awesome?

I have more to talk about, but I'm going to save it for another post so I don't overwhelm you. Look for more soon.

P.S. I'm writing this on my brand new MacBook. :)