Jul 21, 2010

In Which the Author Expresses Repentence About Being a Horrible Person (well, at least a horrible blogger)

I'm a horrible person. I've gotten really bad at blogging lately; sorry. And SO much has happened in this past month that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm going to take a page out of Laura's book and make a list of possible blog topics for when I'm feeling a bit more inspired.

- My travels in Europe (though you can see my trip on Facebook or my new photoblog)
- My new photoblog (warrenmacleod.wordpress.com)
- The pleasures of family
- The pleasures of friendships
- The pleasures of outdoor music
- American food
- Excitement for next year
- Possible trip ideas for next summer (I need a trip idea for the summer. Somewhere that is not Europe or the Americas. Ideas?)

Sorry about my poor posting skills of late, and I'm going to try to improve before the end of the month.