Oct 16, 2008

The First Tendril

I've been thinking about getting back into blogging for awhile now, but I wanted to start over anew. In the past, my blogs were generally pointless repetitions of what occurred during the day, or what I was focused on at the moment. I've created this blog for a deeper purpose than that. I want this blog to be a place where I can focus my thoughts, as I've found that I need such a place - a lightning rod for my thoughts.

I've also created this blog with the purpose of writing about books I'm reading (which generally tend to be books that my students would be interested in, so usually they are not life-changing) and my reactions to them. I love books, and I want to keep a record of which I should recommend and which I should discourage.

And finally, I have established this blog because I have almost graduated from college and I want to have a place where friends can see what I'm thinking and respond to it even though they may be far away.

I think I will include at least one Bible verse each post. This post, that verse is Philippians 4:7 -

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your
hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

Amen. I pray that the peace of God would guard your hearts this day.

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