May 2, 2009

Five Postcards from Dusk on the Lakeshore

1. Amber lights twinkle
Across the Wolf's nose
As ducks in formation
Lead me to the moon

2. Slip on a rock:
Blood on silver waves

3. Solemn stars peek through a
Window of slender birch boughs
And quiet my heart

4. Only the barest distinction between
Grey sea and
Grey sky

5. The waves and shore
Have called a truce
To hear the silence of
Celestial nocturnes


Laura said...

Dear Warren,

What is a postcard, and are there rules?


Warren MacLeod said...

Dear Laura,

Good question! A postcard is a short thought on something you've seen. That's about the only rule. It can't be longer than you could write on the back of a postcard. I generally try to focus on using coded language about my experience as well (so for the "Blood on silver waves" one, I slipped on a rock, cut my finger and the blood covered my ring, which has silver waves carved in it).

That's probably a longer answer than you would like, but there it is. Thanks for asking!

Warren :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Sounds.

Particularly in # 5.

I love your postcards. Very well-written.

Laura said...

Thanks Warren. Helps me to better read them.

#4 could be the motto for winter in Klaipeda.