May 10, 2009

How bou' some Sco'land far yeh?

So I went to the Minnesota Scottish Fair yesterday. It was so much fun! Everyone was walking around in kilts or tartan, and the events going on were really great!

The day started out with me driving 55 minutes (listening to Celtic music the whole time) and getting out of my car all pumped up. I was not disappointed. The first event I watched was Scottish Highland Dancing. A family from my hometown is very involved in this form of dancing, and two of the girls competed. It was really fun to watch.

Oh, and just when you think you've seen enough Scottish, you go and buy some haggis (basically a meatloaf cooked in a sheep's stomach lining) with tatties and neeps (mashed potatoes and rutabagas) while watching men in tartan kilts throwing the caber (a 15 foot log). That's it, right. Can't get any more Scottish than that. Just kidding. How about throwing in some bagpipe bands. That's right. Haggis, cabertossing, kilts, and bagpipes. Oh, and just to complete the whole feel, it was cold and cloudy. Just about the closest you can get to a true Scottish cultural experience while in America. I loved it!


ashpad said...

i am scottish.
but scottish is one of those ethnicities that you cannot tell as easily... like korean, indian, and mexican are just a few that are a bit easier.
see, you probably didn't know i was scottish. but, now you do.

Eva Joy said...

Every single thing you mentioned sounds like so. much. fun.

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Also, I am using the title of your post to practice my Scottish accent.