May 27, 2009

In Which the Author and His Bathtub Engage in Fisticuffs

The bathtub and I got in an argument this morning. Maybe it was a fight. Whatever it was, it got physical (he started it). He wanted to stay dirty, but I wanted him clean. The argument started when I took some Comet and a washcloth to his walls. Try as I might to convince him to get clean, he wasn't going for it. There was no persuading him to change his position.

Time to change tactics: Wal-Mart run! Scotch-Brite brillo pads!

This time, I forced the tub to agree with me. He was willing to let the walls get clean, and even most of the scum and whatnot.

He's just too stubborn though. There are a few almost-gone spots that he refuses to let me get clean even though I tried persuading him for considerable amounts of time. At this point, we've decided to agree to disagree. I just hope my roommates feel the same . . .

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Bea said...

This is hysterical. A visual mind-treat.