Jun 5, 2010

In Which the Author Reflects on One Week Left

Well, one week from today I will be departing my new home in Nigeria for a brief stint in Europe and then a slightly longer stint in the good ol' U.S.A. Europe is going to be exciting, but I'm also slightly nervous. For those of you who are curious about my itinerary, see the end of this post.*

But with one week left, and most of my first year of teaching out of the way, I have been thinking about ways that I want to improve next year. And there are a LOT. I had my students fill out an evaluation form of my first year of teaching, and, while they were difficult to read sometimes, they have helped me know how specifically to make some progress.

One thing I will say: I am glad that I have some experience now. Next year will be much different, but (hopefully) much easier.

*Europe Itinerary:
Colmar, France
Paris, France
London, England
Bath, England
Rome, Italy
Siena, Italy
Val d'Orcia, Italy
Florence, Italy
Venice, Italy
Wengen, Switzerland
Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Cologne, Germany
Marburg, Germany
Minneapolis, Minnesota :)

1 comment:

Claudia said...

Have a wonderful time! I'll also be in Europe, but not in any of cities. Too bad we can't grab coffee in Venice! I have started looking at your blog finally, now that you commented on mine and I saw the link for yours! Take care!