Feb 19, 2011

On the Proverbial Calm Before the Proverbial Storm

I had a good day today.

Sleeping in, reading and finishing a book (I Am Number Four. It was okay.), a cup of coffee with Caramel Torani syrup, breakfast rice, a trip to the market, Bible study with the South Africans, and shawarma and Phase 10 at the Lebanese church's restaurant.

This, however, is the proverbial calm before the storm.

Tuesday we have the all-school Valentine's Day program (basically a variety show). Wednesday and Thursday we have parent-teacher conferences until the evening. Friday I'm taking my students on a field trip to Ile-Ife (pronounced ee-'leh ee-'feh) to visit the Ooni's Palace and the museum. Saturday is a student's birthday party. Will it be a crazy week? Absolutely. Will the next week be easier? Absolutely not. Science Fair and tests and projects due. Oh brother.

It's a good thing that today has been a bit relaxing.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your blog puts a smile to my face, old friend. Miss you so much, man. I'm happy to hear how things are going. And, if it's worth anything (and being aware a lot of time has passed since this was written), you're the absolute best with children, you're incredibly efficient and so encouraging and challenging to me and my faith. Love you, man. Can't wait to catch up!! :)