May 18, 2011

In Which the Auther Smells the Barn

My college choir director, while on tour in Ukraine, told us the story of how he used to work at a stable. The horses would always be very docile and controllable for most of the excursions into the forests or fields; that is, until they got within scent of the barn. Once they could smell the barn, they started to get restless and over-excited which made them more difficult to control.

I can smell the barn.

And it smells good.

(Just to clarify here, when I say that I smell the barn, I mean that I can sense that my time here is almost finished and that I am excited to be home (in the barn) for awhile.)

Because of this, I've been feeling an increasing trend to just . . . be lazy. And comfortable. I have a hard time getting to work on my grading, I've not really been reading the Bible very consistently at all, and lots of other things have sort of fallen by the wayside as well.

Kyle has been feeling it, too. We certainly have been going hard for a long time without a break (well, except for the Benin fiasco, but that hardly counts as a break). We haven't had more than two consecutive days off since the beginning of February. And that makes it hard to keep my motivation going. Add on top of that the delightful scent of delicious oats and warm hay, and it's no wonder I'm having a hard time. Only a month and a half left. . .

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Kendra said...

Me too, Warren. Me too. I've had to intentionally close the blinds in my room at school so that the sunshine doesn't get rubbed in my face every day. (I'm thankful for it, though!)

Press through, friend! Your time left in Ibaden is short, so you should make the most of it! :)