Jun 4, 2011

In Which Two Students Are Accused of Flirting and What Follows

So awhile ago, I posted about a student of mine who claimed that another had stolen his puberty. Today we went on a field trip and he had another great one-liner.

He (we'll call him George) and a fifth-grade girl (we'll call her Henrietta) were sitting in the back of the van as we were coming back from a photography club field trip. They were being noisy and argumentative in that way that middle school boys are with middle school girls. Here is the conversation that followed:

Other Students in Van: Mr. Warren, can you tell George and Henrietta to stop making so much noise and arguing with each other?
Me: Oh, don't worry about them. They're just flirting with each other.
All: (silence for a moment, then explosion of sound)
Student 1: (catching my joke) Oh, yeah. I did see him try to put his arm around her.
Student 2: They must really like each other.
George: I DO NOT!!!! EWWW!!!!
Henrietta: UGH! I would NEVER flirt with HIM!!!!
Student 1: No, I think it was flirting.
George: IT WAS NOT!!!
Student 2: Whoa, George calm down.
George: I AM CALM!!!! (By the way, he really was shouting all of this ridiculously loud. I'm not just being annoying)
Student 2: It sounds like you're getting pretty defensive to me.
George: I'm not defensive! I'm never defensive! . . . I'm offensive!!!!

After a moment of laughter on my part, I finally told all the students that I wasn't being serious and that George and Henrietta were just enjoying the ride a little too loudly. I sincerely hope that some more great phrases come out of George's lips before the end of my time here! :)

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