Jan 14, 2009

On the Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams

With the sweeping strings pulling one's very soul higher and higher, his music does more than lift the hearer's aural gaze to a statue of the greatness of man, but rather it surpasses all that man is and points straight to the One who created all things.

At other times, the gentle strains celebrate the world that the Creator has given us: a world of fields, stones, valleys, streams, birds, and lonely trees. A world and a life of friendship, simplicity, and joy. A world of loneliness, complexity, and sorrow. And over all is He who made the world and He who deserves nothing less than our complete satisfaction in His glory through all that He has done in this world and all that He is in the next.

Recommended Listening:
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
The Lark Ascending
Norfolk Suite
Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus
Fantasia on the Alleluia Hymn


Guy Magno said...

Here, here!

Laurel said...

Have you heard the interview with David Crowder at the end of A Collision about how he quotes A Lark Ascending? Its pretty sweet...