Feb 11, 2009

Changes in My Life Come like Rainstorms in LOST.

I feel like my life is continuously changing. Duh. What a blatantly obvious statement. Why not just say that the water is wet and the wind is invisible, Warren.

But really, to expand that thought, I feel like when serious changes come, they're more often than not rather rapid and unexpected.

And that's what I'm waiting for. A change. I don't know when it will be or what it will look like, but I'll be welcoming that change.

(By the way, Hi, Laurel's mom! I've looked at Rift Valley. I'm thinking of staying more in a non-Christian setting, but thanks for the tip!)


Emily Grace said...

A school called Grace International School. I'm thinking it's not really in the line of schools that you are interested--it's a Christian international school. But, I do know they are looking for teachers! I believe it's a missionary position, where you raise support.

Laurel said...

wow. i don't even know what to say to that.