Feb 10, 2009

Though the past couple of days have been quite dreary and the sky has absolutely no variation from the drab grey, I have come to realize that this is some of my favorite weather. Odd, right?

I think it's the warmth and the snow melting that's really what I love about it. It signals the coming of spring (even though it's quite aways away (I use that phrase in spoken English, but it looks dreadful written down)).

In honor of Eva, I've written a haiku about the weather/time of year.

Grey roof-sky warming
Death peeks through frozen vapor
Soon gives way to life

I'm no poet.
And I know it. (dah dum dum kachaa)

1 comment:

Eva Joy said...

Your haiku is beautiful. I have come back to read it several times today and have enjoyed it every time.

The verification word is vinglod. I would use it in a haiku if I had any idea what it meant.