Feb 16, 2009

Question of the Day

Do I work at Camp Lebanon as the photographer this summer?

Please circle Yes or No. (and by that I mean respond with yes or no)


Laura said...


Laurel said...

warren. who's going to tell you no? camp people are the only ones that ever comment on your blog!

Laura said...

The only way I would answer no is if I myself was thinking about going back to camp to do the same job. But even then, I would let you do it Warren.
A) Because you do fabulous work.
B) Because I have never done the same job on senior staff for more than one summer, so I would have to try something new.
3. And if I were to do the same thing for more than one summer, and I knew that you would be photographer, I would want to work in the office with Carmen again.
4. But I am not going back to camp (unless to be the missionary or the speaker's wife), so Yes.

Laura said...

The more I think of it, speaker's wife must be the most glamorous job at camp.
You sit in the back of chapel, do a little wave on sunday night, and then befriend a few campers and staff for the rest of the week. If you want. Or just hang out. And eat food.
That is the life.