Sep 23, 2009

A Definite Disconnectedness

Lately I've been feeling very disconnected from . . . everyone. I realize that my life is on a different continent, but still, I don't think I planned on this feeling as part of the whole experience. Homesickness: of course it would come. Nigeria-sickness: knew that would come too. Feeling like I can't even remember my summer at camp or my friends from back home: a feeling that completely broadsided me.

Surprise! You're not where everyone else is!

I think part of this feeling comes from the fact that I am too busy to find time to write to people (even on Facebook or in the blogosphere), so I end up not knowing what's going on in the lives of the people I'm close to. I apologize for that.

Why is it that the things to which God so frequently calls us make our hearts ache? I know the answer with my head. I wish that knowledge would travel about a foot south.

3 comments: said...

Warren, I think it's funny you're writing about this because I feel distinctly the same, though I'm still in Minnesota a couple miles from where we went to college.

It's also something about this time of life--I'm not sure what aspect, but I think I know what you mean.

:) Praying for you, even if we haven't really spoken in a while :)


Toni said...

This is exactly how I have been feeling. Frustrated that i would rather sleep than do what ever it is that God has called me to the other side of the world to do. It is almost as if each day is a dream. Like i am floating along and not really sure why I am even here.
I know the exact feeling. And also know the answer with my head... but my heart just doesn't seem to follow.
I'll pray for you as i pray for myself.

Kristina said...

I just caught up on your blog posts :) Hm, I agree with Katie about that feeling of disconnectedness being something about this time of life. I feel like the first few post-college years are going to have so many overwhelming and new emotions...

I enjoyed your reaction to being on the road there. I was struck by how CRAZY the driving in Kenya was when I went back to visit. MAN.