Sep 3, 2009

An Introduction to Nigerian Culture and ACA

I made it to Ibadan. And it's beautiful.

We got out of the airport at about 7:30 and then drove to Ibadan. We had dinner with Karen and Equi - the principal and manager of the school - and then we went to bed.

The first bit of culture shock that hit me was the driving. I had heard it was bad, but I had assumed that it was Lake-Street-on-a-busy-night bad. Not there-are-how-many-lanes?-and-why-are-these-people-running-in-front-of-our-bus?-and-did-I-just-see-a-motorcycle-driving-ridiculously-fast-the-wrong-way? bad. It will take awhile to get used to.

Today, I met the teachers I'll be with this year. I'm really excited! They're so great and welcoming. :)

We haven't left the school yet, so I haven't yet seen the markets, or experienced too much of the culture, but on Saturday we have some time to leave the school.

Tomorrow, the new students come for a visit day. Then on Monday the other students will come and we'll have a whole day of meet and greet.

Here's my schedule:

I teach 4 classes of English everyday (5-8 grades).
Tuesdays and Thursdays I teach 4th grade reading.
Thursdays and Fridays I teach 8th grade literature.

I'll also be in charge of the singers for the Christmas musical, so for those of you who thought I should teach a glee club, I'll be doing just about that.

Well, I'm going to say goodbye for now, and I'll hopefully put some pictures on facebook or here in the next few days.


Laura said...

1. I appreciate your overuse-of-hyphens.

2. Will you drive ever in Nigeria?

3. Yay! I'm glad that you made it and like it so far. :)

Eva Joy said...

So glad to hear you made it safely, Warren! I've been praying for you as you traveled. I remember the driving being one of the most surprising things to me. Traffic isn't as bad when you get out of the city, but the quality of the roads gets much more interesting. Six of one, half dozen of another.

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Leann Symons said...

I'm glad to read your blog! I feel like we can keep in better touch! We'll be getting the webcam soon! I love your first post about the driving! Sounds a bit like Italy and the Phillippines! Must be a southern thing!

Laurel said...

yay!! SO glad you made it through customs alright and got to Ibadan. Also glad that you're doing glee club. :)

Kendra said...

woo! I'm glad you made it :) And I am also pleased to hear you will be leading glee club..