Sep 11, 2009

School, Food, and the Weekend - A Triptych of My First Full Week in Nigeria

One week of school finished! Today we read books in all my classes. It was awesome Every Friday I'll be reading books to my classes: 5th is reading the Tale of Despereaux, 6th is reading A Wrinkle in Time, 7th is reading Peter Pan, and 8th is reading The Little Prince. It seemed like they're really enjoying those books, which is good.

We've cooked our own food now for the past four nights, which has been actually kind of fun. One of my goals for 2009 was to learn how to cook 5 dishes from different countries. I think that will be easy here. I've already learned how to make several Nigerian dishes, which are quite tasty! Tonight, I made peanut butter. From scratch. That's right. I'm fairly proud of that accomplishment. The awesome thing is that we use this gigantic wooden mortar and pestle to grind it up, and it's really, really fun! I'll be making a bigger batch sometime soon.

Tonight we have a prayer meeting from 10:00pm to whenever (it's supposed to go all night, but we'll probably only stay for a few hours). I'm pretty excited about that, because it's so amazing to hear the Nigerians pray. Tomorrow we go to the market in the morning, plan lessons for the week, and then Mrs. Raj (the secretary) invited us to her house for Indian tea and games. It should be fun. Her daughter Henna is in my 7th grade English class, so it will be fun to see her outside of school as well. Then Sunday, we go to the Nwulu's apartment for a meal. After we go to Church somewhere. Kind of a busy weekend! But it will be fun and hopefully relaxing!

(P.S. Sorry to those of you who have blogs. I've not been very good about reading them, because my Internet time is pretty limited. I'll hopefully have a chance this weekend.)

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Anonymous said...

This is so much fun to read!! Thanks for all the details. I can visualize you making the peanut butter - African peanut butter is THE BEST!! Great books to read aloud too -

And...the blinkers now work on the car and the AC and no more noise in the right front!! Thanks so much for sharing your car with us. We have decided to name it "the OC" - whatever - Other car...I don't know. We are VERY thankful to have it.

Enjoy your busy weekend and until the next post...

We are praying for you.