Aug 4, 2010

On Sin and Realization

"I don't love you, Mommy."
My nephew said this today to my sister. He's three so he says a lot of things that he doesn't really mean ("I have to potty!" Not always. "I'm a tiger covered in paint!" Nope. "I was a little African child." Definitely not.), but today I was deeply saddened, almost to the point of tears, by his sin. He not only disobeyed his mom, but he told her that he didn't love her.

I know I've seen him sin before, but this struck me so strongly today because he knows better. He knew that what he said would hurt even before he said it.

How often do I do the same thing to my Father? My behavior constantly says, "I don't love you, Daddy." Kinda sucks to re-discover that nasty little trait about yourself.

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