Aug 24, 2010

Which Tells of the Author's Imminent Travels

Saturday, August 28th. That's the day that I'll be saying goodbye to the good ol' USA for another year.

Sunday, August 29th. That's the day that I'll be saying hello once again to Nigeria.

In some ways, this summer has flown by, but in others, it seems that it's been ages since I was living in Nigeria. I'm excited to go back and apply the things I learned through my first year of teaching/living abroad.

(By the way, sorry about my poor blogging skills this summer. I'll get more into it once I'm back in Nigeria (at least that's the goal). Look for another set of postcards soon.)

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Nate said...

Warren - it was nice to get to know you during our adventurous camping trip. Enjoy your time in Africa and may God bless and teach you many things.