May 30, 2011

Of Dirty Martinis in the Face

I have noticed something about the way that I make transitions. Last week, I was in that I-know-that-I'm-leaving-Nigeria-soon-but-it-doesn't-seem-real mode. I even recognized that when I was talking with Deborah and Kyle.

But today.

Today, the realization of what is actually happening in my life over the next few months blasted me full force like a dirty martini thrown in the face of a cheating ex. Well, maybe not quite that much. But still. It was pretty shocking for me.

I was out at Nampak (the South Africans' compound where we have small group and other get togethers) this morning and one of the guys was talking about how much he'll miss us when we're gone. And then I realized that I am very nearly done with my time here. And then it hit me how very much I still have to be done by the time I get on that airplane home.

However, even though the next month will be crazy busy, I know that it will also be good. And even though there have been many days where I've wanted to just be done and leave this country, there have been more where I have enjoyed it. As my friend, Eva, has been praying, "I [will] leave Nigeria with a sweet taste in my mouth."

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