Jan 26, 2011

During Which the Author Finds Himself Creating a More Interesting, Albeit, Nonsensical Moral to Accompany a Rather Anticlimactic Story

Sometimes, after I do something, I wish I could go back and make it a goal for this year. For example, I could have included something like, "Visit a friend in a foreign country," for my 2010 goals.

At the moment, I'm wishing that I had included, "Become a curriculum coordinator," to my list of goals for 2011, because I would already have one goal done.

Since school was canceled these two weeks, this second week has been staff development/work days. Not the best way to spend a break, but still good.

Until now, there has been no curriculum for any classes. For anyone who knows anything about education, that's a pretty serious fault. There's no accountability for the things being taught.

This week, we're coordinating the curriculum for middle school (Grades 4, 5, and 6). It's a lot of work, but it's also pretty rewarding, as this will stand for years after I'm no longer here (Extreme side note: I'm currently pursuing employment with two school systems, one in Japan (as mentioned previously) and the other in China. Both look really great, but I'm feeling China a bit more. I'll post more about it as I find out more.). It's also a bit daunting to be in charge of the entire educational system for three years of these students' lives!

Pretend Moral of the Story: It really IS best to look before you jump to conclusions! That way, you never land in a frying pan full of soggy bacon and fried turnips wondering what the outcome would have been if you had purchased the polka-dotted cardigan rather than the pin-striped pullover.

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jerry said...

You know Mahalia would ALWAYS choose polka dots!