Jan 13, 2011

Wow. Thanks Nigeria.

So, a week ago, the Nigerian government gave its country a few days' notice before closing down all schools, public and private, until February 8th for voter registration. The public schools are being used as registration sites.

My principal, legitimately concerned, called a contact at the Ministry of Education to see if we could get an exception since our school had already resumed for the term, and since we were not a registration site. We were given permission to continue school as usual.

Today, we found out that tomorrow will be our last day of school for a few weeks. The permission has been revoked and other schools that had been given permission have been forced to close (picture policemen with AK-47s entering the school and forcing the schools closed, and you'll have a good idea of what has been going on). Thus, we will be closing to keep this from happening at our school.

The solution? Hand out 2 weeks' worth of homework tomorrow (that's a LOT of work to do in one night). Take away the week-long spring break. Extend the third term into the summer, putting us teachers finishing school around June 26.

Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? I find it hard to believe that a government can just close schools like this. I also find it hard to believe that I have to do 2 more weeks' worth of work to make up for it (2 weeks worth of homework, plus another 2 weeks of school with no breaks). Really, I kind of want to quit when my contract says I'm done (June 12).

I had been planning on visiting Australia and New Zealand this summer during the summer break. Now, however, my time at home in Minnesota would be too short. I would have only 2-3 weeks at home before shipping out to __________ School in _________ country. I guess I'll have to save Oz and the Middle-Earth for another time (that's right. I was just that nerdy). Maybe I'll try to do a short trip within Africa at the end of June instead.

I hope that everyone else has a better day than me.


Chinwe said...

I did not detect the sarcasm in the title 'til I was halfway through the post :) Yeah. This is one of those "only in Nigeria" situations. God's Grace as you wrap up there, and continue to plan your next steps.

Kyle said...

Warren, in short....that blows. Hope you are home for my birthday weekend in July, same time same place. We should skype soon and thanks for the great calendar!

Eva Joy said...

Praying for you, Warren! What a disappointing and frustrating circumstance.

I met a policeman with an AK-47 when I was in Nigeria. I didn't like him very much. He yelled at me and I cried. I am glad he will not be coming to your school.

I am just the *tiniest* bit excited that this means you might go to Australia/NZ some other time and I *might* actually get to tag along. Gotta look for the bright side, right?

And, I just gotta say, I detected the sarcasm in the title before I even started reading the post. :-)

Hang in there, Warren!

jerry said...

Sounds like a delayed Christmas story.. Image a man and pregnant woman travelling by donkey to "register"

Keep your chin up and remember - You're not a servant until you're treated like one...