Jan 4, 2011

On Long, Boring, and Frequently Unfulfilling Processes

Coming soon: A Tendril of Thought blog from a new, undisclosed location! What does this mean? I will not be teaching in Nigeria next year. Do I have a job lined up yet? Nope.

So, I've started it again. The long, drawn out application process. I have now sent my resume and CV to twelve schools in the Middle East (mostly Saudi Arabia) and East Asia (Japan and China). It's not fun to A) look for schools that are hiring for a position that I am qualified for/want to teach (no Kindergarten for me, please), or B) getting no response from most of the applications. Which is understandable. But still not fun.

I realize that 12 doesn't really sound like that many. But several of them (like the one I just sent) have had multiple page applications to go with the resumes and cover letters. Awesome.

One of my favorite responses so far went like this: "We have reviewed your application and have not found that your qualifications meet any of our available positions at this time. Please understand that this is not a commentary on your personal skills or teaching method, but rather that there is no open position for you. Thank you for your inquiry." So polite and . . . encouraging?

I have an interview tonight for a school in Yokohama, Japan. Please pray for guidance during the whole process! Thanks!

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Julie said...

Certainly praying, Warren. Do share how it went!